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Maternal Mental Health

Motherhood is hard. 

Motherhood is difficult. 

All mothers experience challenges and struggles. 


Whether you are pregnant, caring for a newborn/postpartum, or have three children at home- Rosewood Wellness Center strives at providing empirically-based, integrative maternal mental health care. 


Rosewood Wellness Center is dedicated to our community to further support women through a holistic approach. We provide women with clinical services that are empirically-based, through an integrated health-care model and professionalism. The goal of our program is to provide the community with excellent women’s based integrated health care, that allows a woman to feel both psychologically and physically like herself again. We will work with your medical provider to coordinate the most appropriate treatment. We strive to improve women’s emotional and mental health to help a women’s overall well-being and daily functioning. 


Every woman should be able to experience the joy and happiness of motherhood. 


The Importance of Maternal Mental Health


At Rosewood Wellness Center, we understand the importance of the psychological and social aspects that are intertwined with a woman’s biological health during motherhood. 


Some factors that affect maternal mental health are: 

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • mania

  • stress 

  • low self-esteem

  • low self-worth

  • psychosis

  • suicidal and homicidal ideations

  • multiple societal roles

  • women’s gender role pressure

  • relationship difficulties

  • completion of housework

  • career

  • socioeconomic status

  • societal demands

  • womanhood

  • loss of femininity

  • family planning

  • violence

  • victimization

We strive to help mother’s feel happiness, joy, and overall good health through a  collaborative and therapeutic model. 


Please contact us for more information regarding therapeutic treatment for mothers of any stage. 

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